“The Rebound” by Catherine Walsh

“The Rebound” by Catherine Walsh was such an adorable read, perfect for reading in one sitting. It is a romance following the story of Abby, who just lost her job and fiancé, and is coming back home to Ireland to stay with her sister. The story starts with Abby getting a ride with a handsome stranger called Luke, who turns out not to be a stranger after all. The book follows Abby as she settles into living with her sister, Louise, and into being jobless.

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The book was really cute and easy to read. I read it in one sitting and before I knew it the book was ending. “The Rebound” had lots of funny moments and jokes which brought a smile to my face. I liked the characters, especially the minor ones – Rory was definitely my favourite one. Abby and Luke were great together, but I wish we got a bit more of an insight into their characters because the only thing I know about them is that Abby was a workaholic and Luke was nice.  

I also liked how the book normalised certain aspects of life, such as periods or difficulties getting pregnant. Fiction books usually don’t mention periods or peeing, but this book did in a subtle, normal way. Also, the relationship between Louise and Abby was so similar to my relationship with my sister – it was complicated, and not idealised as it is often in the books. The way the relationships were described made me like the book even more.

Overall, I enjoyed it and it is a perfect book for relaxing.

The book was provided to me via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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