‘To Kill A Kingdom’ Alexandra Christo


Lira is a daughter of the Sea Queen and is determined to prove to her mother that she is worthy of being her daughter. But Lira makes a mistake and now she has to pay for it – she must deliver the heart of the infamous siren killer or she will remain a human (a creature she hates) forever. Elian is a prince, but he is also a siren killer who travels across the sea with his own crew and kills every single of them he can get his hands on. He has no idea who had he met when he recuses a woman from the sea. She seems to know a lot about sirens and she promises to help him destroy siren kind forever. But should he trust her?


Where do I even start talking about this book? It was amazing and it was everything I’ve never known I needed – who doesn’t love a good siren story mixed up with incredible characters and a marvellous plot. Lira is one of the best character developments I’ve ever read –  we meet her as a prince-killing siren and, well, we end up with somebody with a conscious. Elian is now on my endless list of bookish boyfriends. But let’s move on into my review, shall we?

I have to admit, at first I was a bit weary. Lira was a terrible human being (or rather a siren, but all sirens were terrible), and I could not see this plot going anywhere. But then I was totally blown away by how Alexandra Christo managed to connect Lira and Elian’s story. I have loved all those connections that came to a conclusion. The story is compelling and it keeps you on your toes for the entire time you are reading it. I felt like every chapter is a new surprise and I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen next. Rarely does a book surprise me, but this one certainly did. At some point, I totally forgot that it was a ‘Little Mermaid’ retelling. Really. This was so far from the ‘Little Mermaid’ as it could have been. It was dark, twisted and I absolutely loved every minute of it.

But above all, I loved the main characters and their chemistry. What am I saying, I also loved the minor characters? Basically, I adore all characters, maybe besides Yukiko and the Sea Queen (they are both terrible characters and I hate them, thank you very much).

In conclusion, go and read that book right now. It is absolutely dashing, I love coming back to it and every aspect of it was perfection. ‘To Kill a Kingdom’ is a perfect Young-Adult read and it was one of my favourite reads of 2018, if not of my entire life. But seriously though, go read it. Like now.

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