Tag: book review

6 November 2018

‘Grace and Fury’ Tracy Banghart

synopsis In a world where women have no rights, two sisters Serina and Nomi have two very different opinions about their society. Serina is ready to fulfil society’s expectation and to become one of the Heir’s Graces, for which she had been training her whole life. Nomi, on the other hand, thinks that the whole idea of Graces is ridiculous and is a firm believer […]

26 October 2018

‘Descendants of War: Magic’s Demise’ Ruby Fitzgerald

synopsis A long time ago Ancients had given chosen humans the ability to do magic, known as Nine Energies of Magic. After the battle of Venom, the kingdom of Thurnadan returned to the peaceful times. Or so it was thought. Suddenly, people had started dying because of an illness called the Jinx. The Jinx started killing the population of Thurnadan on a massive scale. The […]

7 September 2018

‘Daughter of the Pirate King’ Tricia Levenseller

Synopsis Alosa, a daughter of the pirate king and a pirate herself, is send on a mission. She allows herself to be kidnapped by a hostile pirate crew in order to retreat an ancient map. But that task seems to be more difficult than she expected it to be. Especially when the first mate, Riden, seems to be as witty as Alosa. But can anyone […]