A Queen of Thieves & Chaos Book Review

A Queen of Thieves & Chaos Book Review

A Queen Of Thieves & Chaos is the third book in the amazing Fate and Flame series!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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A Queen of Thieves & Chaos by K.A. Tucker is now live! 

From internationally bestselling author K.A. Tucker comes the third novel in her Fate and Flame series, an adult fantasy story that should be read in series order.

“You betrayed your brother to steal a broken crown.”

The kingdom stands on the brink of chaos. Atticus’ grip on the realm is faltering, and as threats arise ever closer to home he is driven to increasingly desperate acts to hold onto power.

With Islor’s fate now in the balance, Zander stands to defend the Rift from the oncoming Ybarisan army. With the king’s forces scattered, he must risk unlikely new alliances.

And behind the walls of Ulysede, secrets wait for its new queen. Romeria knows that the paths of the hidden city will lead her to answers. But will they be enough to save the realm—or is their fate already sealed?

book review

A Queen of Thieves & Chaos is the third book in Fate and Flame series, an adult fantasy story 🎉 this series is one of my absolute series and Romeria is even more badass in this book (I didn’t think it was possible) ❤️

Let me start by saying that I enjoyed this book a lot! The third book has less romance between Zander and Romeria, but the series has developed into adult fantasy with a LOT of fantasy and intrigue! We also get different POVs in this one, and the one that really grabbed my attention was Atticus 👀 It’s interesting to see his POV and his internal struggles so I’m glad for it! And no spoilers, but I enjoyed his romance storyline! I would even dare to say that he and Romeria were the main characters in this book!

This book is much slower than the other two, but it still reads quickly! Since there are still more books in the series, this definitely felt like a filler book. Nothing was happening until the last 15% of the book, and even that part wasn’t super exciting 😌 Of course, this series is slow, and it’s not full of action, focusing instead on intrigue and prophecies, however, I was still expecting more action from this book. There is also one thing that has me worried for the next book in terms of Zander and Romeria but I’m not saying more.

Even though this book wasn’t my favourite in the series, I’m still screaming at you to read this series! Romeria and Zander are 🔥 and the intrigue in this book is mind-blowing! If I had to compare it to other books (which I never do but I want you all to read it) I would say it’s like adult Folk of the Air series with vampires 👀❤️

Big thank you to Valentine PR and KA Tucker for the eARC! I was nervously checking my inbox for weeks worrying I wouldn’t get the ARC and when I did I scared my dog with my screaming 😌

The King’s Cursebreaker Book Review

The King’s Cursebreaker Book Review

Title: The King’s Cursebreaker (The Vossen Sisters Saga #2)

Author: Piper Knight

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Two sisters. Two worlds. Two deadly bargains.

Taken by the Winter King…

To save her sister, newly-witch Elizabeth Vossen makes a deal with the ruthless, ice-cold Unseelie King to break his wintry curse. The moment his freezing fingers wrap around her wrist, she’s whisked to the faerie realm – and to her dismay, her magic goes dry.

In a terrifying kingdom of wicked tricksters, Beth must regain her powers with the Winter King Alistair, himself – the most wicked of them all. But there’s more to this brutal, cold-hearted faerie than meets the eye, and he’s as deeply intoxicating as he is arrogant.

But time is running out. As the full moon draws near, the curse threatens to sink its cold claws and never let go. And in this wicked world of the fae where danger lurks around every corner, the king is her only chance of returning home – or staying alive.

Blackmail is a buzzkill…

Bell Vossen didn’t think her life could get more complicated after falling in love with a warrior angel and gaining sinister shadow magic from her evil ancestor. But then the cold-blooded Silver Witch Queen becomes her boss.

The bargain? Bring down one of the most powerful supernatural groups in the world, lest Bell and Braxiel’s sinful secret be revealed. But when Bell is attacked by a black-eyed wolf shifter with mysterious powers that can take down a divine angel with ease, not only is their mission at stake – but the entire supernatural world as they know it.

Bell and Brax must find out how to defeat these lethal, cutthroat creatures – while fighting against their fiery, forbidden desire before it burns everything in its place. But when did Bell ever play by the rules?

Wickedly sharp and even sexier than the last, this spellbinding new adult fantasy & paranormal romance is the seductive second book in the action-packed, fast-paced Vossen Sisters Saga.

Book Review

The King’s Cursebreaker is the continuation of the Accidental Kingslayer, and I’m actually glad we got a continuation of Bell and Braxiel’s story and not just Beth and Alistair’s story. I have to admit that I found Bell and Braxiel’s story more interesting than Beth and Alistair’s, not just because of the romance but also because of the overall plot.

Bell and Braxiel have one of the best partners-in-crime dynamics, and I just love my angles okay (I’m still voting for more Yaz and his himbo energy). Their part of the book was full of plot twists, and new turns, and I just loved their adventures (especially the London part of it).

Therefore, I found myself a bit bored during Beth’s part of the story. I didn’t think her chemistry with Alistair was half as good as Bell’s with Braxiel. The curse-breaking part could have had a better ending, one that made more sense to me (no spoilers). I find myself excited for the next book solely because of Bell, Braxiel and the angels. To be honest, I have no interest in the continuation of Beth’s story or getting to know Brooke’s.

However, I do recommend reading The King’s Cursebreaker since it’s a really fun, fast-paced read. I think I read it in two days because it’s really well-written. And the spicy scenes were AMAZING. So I would definitely give the King’s Cursebreaker a go, and (if you haven’t yet) DEFINITELY read the Accidental Kingslayer.

An eARC was sent to me by the author in exchange for my honest review. Thank you so much!

Bookstagram & Creative Tour: The Cursed and the Broken by Chloe Hodge

Today I’m excited to participate in the Bookstagram & Creative Tour for The Cursed and the Broken by Chloe Hodgehosted by MTMC Tours. This is a steamy, enemies-to-lovers dark fantasy romance perfect for fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout and Kerri Maniscalco and it was published on April 15th, 2022!

Title: The Cursed and the Broken

Series: The Cursed Blood #1

Author: Chloe Hodge

Publication Date: April 15th, 2022
Genres: Dark Fantasy Romance

Pages: 438

Format: eBook, PaperbackPurchase a copy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Blackwell’s | Book Depository
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Years ago, the dark queen was executed by witches, her cultists hunted down like rats and forced into hiding. Their black magic buried and put to rest, all was well in the world … or so we thought.

Kitarni Barany, witch and shepherd of her flock, has always been different. There’s a darkness in her blood and a destiny beyond the border of her small village.

Corruption is spreading, and the whispers of cultists stir through the woods once again.

Betrothed to the heir of the Wolfblood Clan, she risks not only her life but her heart. United, they must stand against the cultists, or watch the Kingdom of Hungary fall.

Cursed by Death and controlled by Fate, Kitarni is forced to meet her demons … or die by them.

A story of succumbing to wicked desires, death, and the temptations of deliciously dangerous love. The Cursed and the Broken is a steamy, enemies-to-lovers dark fantasy romance perfect for fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout and Kerri Maniscalco. No broomsticks or cauldrons here, only magic of the darkest kind and dimples to swoon over.


The Cursed And The Broken is inspired by Hungarian folklore and is a story about witches. We definitely have more witches stories in our lives and this one is amazing. The Cursed And The Broken is inspired by Hungarian folklore and follows the story of Kitarni, who is such a great protagonist. She is strong, but also quick to judge, and I adored seeing her journey from an outcast to a confident woman. Also, her relationship with her sister, Eszter, made me wanna cry because of how adorable they were. I really enjoyed the appearances of Death, who wins best secondary character hands down. The entire story was so dark and atmospheric that I could imagine me in the Hungarian woods together with Kitarni. And the romance was so good 🔥 I do love a sassy, confident main interest with a soft side, and Dante checks all of these boxes. I really enjoyed this book, and I liked the good balance between romance and fantasy!

If you are looking for a dark fantasy romance with witches and a bit of spice, this one is just for you!

Playlist for the Cursed and the Broken

INTL Tour-wide Instagram Giveaway!

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Ends on April 27th, 2022. Winners will be announced on @mtmctours’ Instagram account.

CHARACTER Q&A – Kitarni from The Cursed and the Broken

Hi Kitarni! Can you introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Kitarni, the eldest daughter of the Bárány family and shepherd of my village. I am also betrothed to Dante Sandor, heir of the Wolfblood Clan … insufferable asshat that he is.

Tell us what life is like as a witch in your village! Constant. Unchanging. Boring as all hell, if I’m being honest. We don’t engage with the outside world very often unless we need to go to the markets in the neighbouring village. It’s too risky with humans persecuting witches, so there’s not much in the way of excitement when you’re stuck behind invisible wards. Honestly, I don’t feel like I belong here. I’d much rather be out there—beyond the woods and exploring the world!

Lastly, what can we expect from you during The Cursed And The Broken?

Well, when I’m not dealing with Lord Asshat, being hunted by fanatics or dealing with a cult hellbent on bringing their dead queen back to life, I’m either assessing my own life choices or running errands for huntsmen and threaders of destiny. Okay, maybe it isn’t all bad. I meet some new friends and get to know my betrothed a little more … intimately … Hell, I’ll take that over dying any day.

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About Chloe Hodge

Chloe Hodge was born in Adelaide, South Australia to New Zealand parents and a Hungarian heritage.

In 2017 she completed a Bachelor of Journalism & Professional Writing at the University of South Australia, receiving recognition as a high performing student in the top 10 percentile. She was a finalist for the Julie Duncan Memorial Award, and holds a lifetime membership to the Golden Key International Honour Society. Hodge then proceeded to work for the Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC) as a radio producer in Adelaide, before spending some time in regional SA as a broadcast news reporter. Thereafter, she worked as a journalist for a technical grape and wine magazine before founding her own small editing business, Chloe’s Chapters, and starting a career as a Young Adult Fantasy author.

She now spends her time crafting fantastical novels brimming with magic and mystery, and building worlds rich with colour and history. Hodge creates a character cast full of underdogs and the morally grey—always seeking to triumph over evil, or perhaps live long enough to see them become it.​

Hodge lives in Brisbane, QLD, with her husband and two dogs. She can be found at chloehodge.com or you can contact her on her Bookstagram account @chloeschapters

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